Unconditional Love

I love that I'm emotional, out of balance and lazy. I love that I'm a loner, a tomboy, a thinker, quiet and shy. I love that I'm not good at creating structure for myself and always long for a deep connection. I love that I mostly care about other people and I love that I worry a lot. This is all me.

I love that I'm a fierce and hard working woman, beautiful, feminine, powerful and visionary. I love that I see more than meets the eye and I love that I'm different in the eyes of most people. I love that I'm caring, sweet and selfless. And I love that I need to be alone a lot, in order to feel whole. I love that I cry easily - although I still judge myself at times - and I love that I love so much. I love that I am all of the above, although sometimes simultaneously and sometimes overwhelmed by it. I love that I'm always looking for balance and understand that the scales are evened out only when I accept all that I am.

And then there's this thing called free will, the choices I can make. How cool is it to have all these options, all these ways of being to choose from?

So today I choose to be a writer (!) and from tomorrow morning I'll also be a hard working

independent business woman. When evening falls I'm a dancer, guided by beautiful universal rythm & music, and by the time I go to bed I'm a little girl with big dreams.💭 Thinking about it my head can't make sense of it all, but feeling into it it's all crystal clear.

For I am the Universe expressing itself through one single person, how can I be less than everything, all at once? ✨✨✨

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