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Lola just wants to be a kid.

As did her mother - and her grandmother. They never really got to be kids when they were young - tried to be responsible adults and do what they were 'supposed to do' their whole lives. Unaware of how they were projecting these exact same patterns onto their children.

Lola doesn't want to do what she's supposed to do, as she feels deep in her heart living for other people's expectations will never truly make her happy. She wants to do whatever makes her heart jump with excitement, wonder and pure joy. She wants to be carefree, creative, fill her days with laughter and hugs and spontaneous actions. She wants to be free from the norm and be her own person, without worrying about what everyone else thinks.

She believes there's more to life than getting a job, a mortgage and a car.

There has to be another way of living.

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