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Sometimes words are overrated and just don't do justice to what you're feeling. 

Most of us lead busy lives where relaxing means so much as laying on the couch watching tv, to just not have to think for a moment. True relaxation comes when your body can actively let go of the overwhelm of the day in the form of muscle tension, headache, scattered thoughts and so on.

As watching tv numbs and pushes our awareness to the background, in most cases the tension will continue to linger. 

I strongly believe we were given the ability to feel for a reason and that it's important to actually do so.

In allowing yourself to become aware of what your body is feeling, you can start to figure out what it needs in order to let go of all underlying tension.

Walking in nature opens up the senses and helps your mind and body relax, by simply being aware of what you feel, hear, smell and so on. Even more so if you figure out how to quiet your mind, even if it's just for a little while.