Let's talk!

Through honest conversation the mind is challenged to see things differently, especially when the words touch that inner knowing of truth that we all have.

When observing from the heart we connect the dots between what is true and what is fear, shadow, doubt, or whatever it is that might be holding us back from living the life we want to live or being the person we want to be.

We humans tend to underestimate and judge ourselves out of fear of not being good enough and tell ourselves all sorts of stories.

Our connection to our soul, once clear, helps us to hear and listen to our inner voice, our inner knowing of what is right for us.

When we go from judging ourselves and comparing ourselves to the rest of the world, to accepting ourselves and owning our light AND shadow - a new door opens. We can become aware of these internal conversations and where they come from and begin the process of changing our minds.

My purpose is to guide you in this process, to offer non judgemental and loving support, for you to find YOUR own answers.

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